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By Ricardo Sanchez, JCamp Reporter

Whether its on the stage or in a newspaper, Sheila Raghavendran is a storyteller.

Beneath the spotlight,...

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By Sheila Raghavendran, JCamp Reporter

From the moment Ricardo Sanchez’s fingers rolled over the holes of a new plastic recorder as...

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By Frank Boudon, JCamp Reporter

For JCamper Claudia Zamora, art isn’t just a hobby, it’s a way of life.

Claudia has been...

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By Claudia Zamora, JCamp Reporter

He’ll be Frank with you. It was in Ms. Lorelli’s tenth grade history course that Frank Boudon...

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By Jason Zhang, JCamp Reporter

Mona Sharaf was, like many other teenagers, was confounded by  her heritage.

As an Iranian-American living in the post-9/11...

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By Brad Credit, JCamp Reporter

There are some student newspapers that never venture beyond covering the average high school fare — student...