Santa Monica Pier restroom in running for national contest

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By Lindsey Txakeeyang and William Chan, J Camp Live! staff
If you are looking for the number one place to go “number two,” make a pit stop at the Santa Monica Pier.
Santa Monica Pier’s public restroom was recently named a Top 10 finalist in the America’s Best Bathroom contest, sponsored by the Cintas Group, a company that provides bathroom supplies and other specialized services.
The century-old pier swarms with about three million visitors per year. To keep up the crushing traffic, the bathrooms were recently revamped with eco-friendly fixtures and an updated interior.
The lavatory was definitely a winner for Terrence Chan, 13, of Monterey Park, Ca.
“(They’re) pretty clean, the nicest I’ve ever been (to),” said Chan. “Many bathrooms are quite disgusting with towels on the floor.”
The Santa Monica Pier still has some tough competition in the contest. Consider the snazzy decor of the Muse Hotel in New York City to the sleek, chrome fixtures of Joe’s Farm Grill in Gilbert, Arizona.
Last year’s winner, the Shoji Tabuchi Theater, featured a hand-built mahogany pool table in the men’s restroom.
You might not find a pool table at the Santa Monica Pier’s bathroom, but they are kept exceptionally clean for a public restroom. An employee at Santa Monica Pier’s tourist information said the bathrooms are cleaned about three times a day.
But it’s still hard to keep everyone happy.
“It’s not clean enough,” says Sang Hyun Kim, a visitor from Korea. “I like the design but the most important thing is cleanliness.”
The winner of America’s Best Bathroom will be announced in September. Voting is currently taking place until August 31st online at, where photo galleries can be found of each of the nominated bathrooms.

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