Asie Mussard-Afcari: aspiring to be a role model

Photo by: Christopher Sun, JCamp photographer

By Monica Garcia, JCamp reporter

Asie Mussard-Afcari came out to the world as transgender in January. Ever since, she has aspired to be a role model.

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“There is a dominant narrative of transgender people in the U.S.,” Mussard-Afcari said. “By telling my stories of people in my community I can help change those stereotypes.”

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Mussard-Afcari believes that everyone should have the freedom to choose the identity they claim. Knowing there are more options regarding gender then those that people think they have; Mussard-Afcari wants others to know it’s acceptable.

The interest in journalism started when Mussard-Afcari heard a radio show called, The Radio Lab, and read books from Malcom Gladwell as well as viewing John Leher’s work. Mussard-Afcari works on two blogs one focusing on neuroscience and shares the second one, an online literary journal, DFTBW with a friend.

As a rising senior, Mussard-Afcari will attend to Berkeley High, an International Baccalaureate high school.