Cassandra Hsiao

By Jack Oelhafen
JCamp reporter

Cassandra Hsiao has Justin Bieber to thank for her interest in journalism.




Orange County School of the Arts

Walnut, Calif

How I plan to use my JCamp skills: Become a better writer by exploring different techniques and eliminating unnecessary “fluff.”

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She was 11 and a reporter for Scholastic magazine. Her first assignment was to attend Beiber’s “Never Say Never” concert. She distinctly remembers feeling like “a little girl” when it came time for her to ask her two questions. Hsiao was hooked on reporting.

She’s since interviewed many other celebrities including Jesse Eisenberg, Morgan Freeman, Kristen Bell, Owen Wilson and even the Muppets.

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Hsiao is able to focus on creative writing at the Orange County School of the Arts. She’s also a film and book critic writing for, “BYPU” magazine, and the “Los Angeles Times High School Insider.”

She is an editor for her school’s magazine, “Inkblot.”

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Hsiao also writes poetry and plays. Her poetry won a gold medal at the Scholastic Art and Writing awards this year. She also wrote a 10-minute play that her school performed.

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She also plays flute and piano and volunteers locally and internationally. She is president of the Walnut, Calif. brand of Operation DREAM, a non-profit that combats hunger in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. She is also a volunteer Sunday school teacher to kindergarteners.