Devin Moss shoots, writes and he often scores

12-Devin-MossBy Frank Chen, JCamp Live Reporter

Some people are skilled athletes. Some are great writers. Devin Moss is both.

The senior from Rocklin High School in Rocklin, Calif., is on the varsity basketball team and also works at his school newspaper, The Flash, where he will be editor in chief.

Moss has ambitious plans for after high school. He wants to play college basketball and major in journalism.

“You will have a life after sports,” Moss said. “And journalism is what I love to do.”

One of his hobbies includes collecting snow globes from his journeys across the world. He received his first snow globe in New York when he was 6 years old. He owns more than 30, from places including France, Italy, Canada, Jamaica, Greece and China.

“Sixty years later,” Moss said, “I want to be able to show these snow globes to my kids and grandchildren, and say, ‘Hey, here are my stories, for you.’ ”