Elsa Bollinger: sharing stories provides motivation

Elsa Bollinger

Photo by: Christopher Sun, JCamp photographer

By Asie Mussard-Afcari, JCamp reporter

Many people start journalism careers because they want to see their names in print. At 17, Elsa Bollinger has different motivations.

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“I love sharing other people’s stories,” she said, whether it be recollections of her recent trip to Europe with her German Class-or stories from West Fargo High School, where she is a rising senior.

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When she’s home in Mapleton, N.D., Bollinger is the head editor of the online edition of her school’s newspaper, the Packer. Elsa manages Twitter, Facebook and the webpage for the newspaper of the largest high school in North Dakota.

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Bollinger can also be found on-screen every Friday when school is in session on The Packer News, a two camera broadcast that from a studio that the broadcasters call “Noah’s Ark” because of its visual similarity to the biblical ship.

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When searching for stories to cover, Bollinger favors features and sports, particularly those that allow her to discover new things about people she already knows.

“I feel like everyone has a story to share,” she said. “Everyone has different backgrounds.”