Emily Chen: finding her place

By Cade May, JCamp reporter

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After completing a stressful junior year comprised of “juggling testing, extra curricular classes and grades,” 16-year-old Chen finds herself in the same place as many other rising high school seniors: not quite knowing what she wants to do yet.

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A dedicated musician who plays the clarinet and the table harp, Chen is fond of journalism, but also has her eye on law school. With pressure from her two Chinese parents, Chen feels she’s endured the “typical high school experience” so far.

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Born in Long Island, N.Y., and raised in central New Jersey, Chen spends the majority of her time at the Hun School of Princeton, her secondary school.

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“What captures my life? Sadly, school,” she said. “It’s been a lot of self-reflection and thinking about what I want to do with my life.”

In her free time, Chen is an avid reader. Her favorite book is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. At this point, she’s unable to discern how many times she’s read it.

In the past, Chen has been somewhat bothered by Asian stereotypes around academic success, however, now she sees the light in the generalities.

“It’s, I guess, for me in good humor and there’s never been anything serious that I’ve actually been offended by,” she said.

Contrary to one of the most common stereotypes, Chen comes out and admits, “actually, fun fact: I’m bad at math.”

On top of her school work and music, Chen is also an athlete. In the winter, she competes on the Varsity swim team, swimming the 100-meter breast stroke and the 100-meter freestyle for her school.

“I’m not very good but I do it for fun,” she said.

She is also the coxswain of her school’s rowing team, steering and coordinating other rowers across New Jersey’s Mercer Lake.

Chen is still unsure about where she’s headed, but one thing is for certain: journalism is certainly a possibility.