Why Jackelyn Ho loves JCamp

By Jackelyn Ho, JCamp Alumni Assistant

You keep hearing it over and over again

“J Camp changes your life.”

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These alums keep raving about how it’s a once in a lifetime experience – you meet amazing friends, wonderful mentors and come home a different person. I’m here to put my two cents in and tell you that J Camp is all of that and more.

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When I was a rising senior attending J Camp back in 2008, my break out leader Angie Lau, gave us no mercy. From day one, she made it clear that we would be thrown into the fire pit (oh and did I feel the burn with those news quizzes). We were expected to write appealing stories and get relevant interviews within a short time period. It was the scariest but most exhilarating experience for my 16-year old self.

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The most important concept I learned from J Camp was the “power of asking”. I couldn’t just stand there and expect things to come to me. Those interviews weren’t going to schedule themselves! I needed to have a clear purpose and go after it. Those simple three words changed my life.

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Here I am now: the producer of J Camp’s commercials & documentary and returning as an assistant for the 2nd time. This camp taught me that anything is possible when you put your mind to it and do everything in your power to follow through. What else have my persistent questions gotten me?

Just to name a few of my favorites: a chance to sing to musical artist Bruno Mars, an interview with an Olympian and even an on-air interview at my current internship!

J Camp is what you make of it. Own this experience and make it the best and most worthwhile six days of your life. You never know where it will take you.

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