Kevin Yang

By Dianne Lee
JCamp reporter

Kevin Yang, a senior at Julia R. Masterman High School, seems like many things.

He’s studious when he’s pouring over a 300-page project for his advance placement U.S. History course.

He’s curious when he’s watching TED talks in his free time.



Julia R. Masterman High School

Philadelphia, Pa.

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How I plan to use my JCamp skills: I want to bring my experience at JCamp back into my own school newspaper since I’m an editor; improve my writing and and also write articles I like.

He’s competitive in science and history.

None of that compares to his biggest passion: research.

“I like to do research and analysis – finding out things on my own,” he said. “I don’t like people giving information to me.”

He especially enjoys researching history and biology.

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His 300-page U.S. History project was a biography on a random person found in a local cemetery. His research led him to that person’s birth certificate.

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It was incredible “realizing how many records we leave behind,” Yang said. “(He) wasn’t really that famous of a person; he was just a bank clerk. It was really interesting to see how our records are really indelible.”

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The idea of research in journalism led him to his school’s newspaper. He was always interested, but didn’t have time to join until his junior year.

“I like researching stuff and journalism is part of that, finding out stuff and writing about it,” Yang said.

He will be an editor this year.

Yang is interning this summer at Independence Blue Cross, a health insurance company, to satisfy his interest in medical research.

He is participating in JCamp to learn more about journalism though he isn’t sure about a journalism career.

While he doesn’t know what he’ll be doing in the future, he’s certain that research will be a part of it.