Kyah Hawkins: making the play

Photo by: Justin Lai, JCamp photogpraher

By Ellen Pham, JCamp reporter

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Although journalists are often thought of as detached and factual, Kyah Hawkins hasn’t shied away from getting creative and emotional with her writing.

The Philadelphia native experiments with her writing, jockeying between play-writing and composing straight news stories.

Hawkins’ ambition manifested itself at an early age.

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When she was in third grade, she single-handedly created a newspaper for Black History Month because she felt the students in her predominantly African-American school needed to discuss it.

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The need to inform carried her into new opportunities. She was selected to participate in the Acel Moore Career Development Program at the Philadelphia Inquirer and became co-editor of her school newspaper.

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Her writing accolades are not limited to journalism but, also the theater. Last summer, Hawkins was accepted to the Philadelphia Young Playwrights program where she learned the basics of writing dramatic masterpieces.

Although Hawkins enjoys writing plays, she said she is unsure about which writing-route she wants to take. She embraces any opportunity where she can step out of her comfort zone and is determined to make the most of the JCamp experience.

“I’m excited to meet the new people at JCamp,” Hawkins said.