Mary Ruiz: a people person who wants to see the world

12-Mary-RuizBy Isaac Colindres, JCamp Live Reporter

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Mary Ruiz is a people person. She’s down to earth with a great sense of humor. The 17-year-old Portland, Ore., native, is the oldest of five children. She loves the close relationship she has with all her siblings. Ruiz is a senior at Tualatin High School and she will soon become editor in chief of her school newspaper, The Wolf. She wants to leave Oregon and go across the nation to find her true calling on the East Coast. In 10 years, Ruiz sees herself as a successful working woman, one who will “marry my job.” She wants to travel and see the world. “I want to meet new people from all around,” Ruiz said. “I want to stretch my horizons. I don’t want to stay in one place.”