Millennials’ talk news in Twin Cities

by Thomas Lee A. Manglona II

JCamp reporter

The Star Tribune is now situated at the heart of Government Center. The move,which happened in April, exemplified the world’s transition from print to online and digital media. Managing editor Suki Dardarian said that the newspaper’s presence on the internet, particularly social media, has given her perspective on what people want to read.

A 2014 Pew Research Center survey found that six-in-ten online Millennials get political news on Facebook every week.

Another Pew Research Center study noted that 41% of Millennials trust major news outlets such as ABC News, CNN, and Buzzfeed, compared to the 37% of Gen X’ers and 38% of baby boomers who do.

The industry left 24-year-old Jordan and his friend, 21-year-old Charlie, in a compromising position.

“I get most of my news either from people at work or on the paper. That’s about it,” Jordan said, who like Charlie requested their last names not be used. “When I actually go to get a specific news story I would go directly to a magazine or a newspaper. I still prefer the old method.”

Charlie expressed similar sentiments. Although he occasionally views an article while scrolling through his Facebook newsfeed, Charlie explained that print publications have more integrity. “I read online more because it is easier to pick up my phone,” he added.

Charlie isn’t alone.

Youth now seem to be slightly leaning toward accessibility rather than credibility. This is one reason why a print publication like Star Tribune gained a consistent following.

Austin Nutschley, 21, would agree: “I get my every day news on Reddit. I choose to do that besides print because it is easier, faster, updates quicker.”

“I get my news online mostly. I would say two to three times a day,” said 24-year-old Elizabeth Benson. “I think online news is necessary for this generation. This generation is slowly getting more and more on the digital side.”

Camille Winston, 25, explained that smart phone news apps are what connect her to the rest of the world as well , whether it be Hollywood or the White House.

The verdict is clear – the digital evolution of news is inevitable and has garnered more attention. We have 75.3 million Millennials to thank for that.