Orisa Coombs

By Thomas Manglona II
JCamp reporter

Orisa Coombs is a varsity orator, passionate debater and prolific writer.

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The junior at Smoky Hill High School in Aurora, Colo., said she applied to JCamp in Minneapolis this year to discover if a career in writing, specifically journalism, is the right vocation for her.



Smoky Hill High School

Aurora, Colo.

How I plan to use my JCamp skills: To decide if journalism is the right career.

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Coombs wrote a short novel her sophomore year, but she isn’t sure how to use her writing skills in a career “because I can’t really see myself as a novelist,” she said.

“I thought I’d give journalism a try, since I’m interested in current events,” she said.

Coombs moved to Colorado 14 years ago from New York City. She’s semi-fluent in Spanish, thanks to her father’s and grandparent’s Cuban heritage.

She is part of her school’s International Baccalaureate diploma program, a state-ranked Lincoln-Douglas debater and varsity soccer player. She plans to hone her skills in speech, debate and writing while forging her own path in news reporting.

Coombs considers journalism of important in today’s society.

“The way things are presented in the newspaper or on TV affect how an entire society views the world,” she said.

She hopes JCamp will ignite a passion for the journalism as she aspires to attend Stanford University after high school. If she does become a professional journalist, Coombs said she will strive to deliver truthful, factual information without bias.

“Unless what I’m asked to write is an opinion piece, of course,” she said.